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To submit a tech support question, you must be a Mission Hills Staff Member, and you MUST be logged into the website using your district account.

How to submit a Tech Request using the Everything HelpDesk system


Add Network Printer in Windows7

Add Network Printer in Windows7 - WORKAROUND

Toshiba - Backup to CD/DVD


How do I change my password?

You need to log into the computer as yourself, once the computer is logged in, you
will press CTRL+ALT+DEL, a window will pop up with 6 buttons, click CHANGE
PASSWORD, type your old password, your new password, then confirm your new
password, click OK, and you are done!

Can I get my personal laptop on the wireless?

Personal equipment must be submitted for inspection and inventory prior
to obtaining access to the network. Current Anti-virus software must be installed.
Users must have a current "STAFF Responsible Use Guidelines" form on file.
If you do not have one, or are not sure, please print out and sign the form.
Please submit an Online Tech Request to complete processing.
This does NOT pertain to students, who are prohibited from accessing the wireless.

Can I buy software to install on my computer?

All software must be approved by the IT department prior to purchase. If you are
interested in a particular program, please forward the Title, Publisher and website
for review. (SUBMIT) Once approved, all software must be delivered new,
UNOPENED, with all licensing and purchasing information.