Library Orientation

The following information is posted here for all students. If you have any questions, please see our staff page for contact information:

Library staff:
Mrs. Schmid
Ms. Gomez
Ms. Anzalone
Mrs. Curnow

Library Resources:
-Printing/Computer Use
-Printing is FREE!!
-We have 14 computers for student use. If you need a computer simply go to one and turn it on
-The IRC can only be used when visiting with a class...sorry :)

House Rules
-Please, no eating in the library. Also, we only permit water to preserve our carpet. If you have coffee, tea or other colored beverages we will ask you to step outside
-NO GAMES on the school computers
-Do not lay or sit on the tables
-Overdue books due accrue a fine for every school day they are overdue. The fine is $.05 per school day with a max of $5.00 per book.
-If you need help printing please ask. We want to help you and we would like to conserve ink and paper so that all students can print their assignments.